So what to know about me: I used to live in New York City, now living in Mexico City. Love photography for the life of me, obsession with traveling and meeting new people. Wanderer at heart, couldn't stay in one place if my life depended on it. So this blog is to share some of my experiences and thoughts, while helping make this world we live in...just a little smaller and meet my neighbors.
  • Valle de Bravo - Estado de Mexico 

    Another get-away for the month of October, this time to Valle de Bravo. A “Pueblo Magico” located in the State of Mexico (Estado de Mexico) and about two hours from Mexico City. The area’s main defining feature is Lake Avandaro but also the numerous visitors that come to participate in the many recreational sports that can be found in the city. 

    Arriving in the morning to the area, I was greeted with a partially cloudy morning due to the rainy season that lasts in the middle of the year for Mexico. Luck however was nice enough to allow the remainder of the weekend to be sunny. Spent the days exploring each corner of the town, hiking, horseback riding and a little time on the water. Truly surprising to see how many para gliders there were above the city, people on bikes and hikers. The area was booming with weekend visitors coming to spend some time on the lake (water skying, sailing or just cruising on their boats). 

    Great place to come and get some fresh air, do a little sport, enjoy some great seafood and spent a quiet weekend exploring the nearby mountains with friends. Full of friendly locals ready to take you out onto the water or take you up to the mountain top for a little paragliding. For those a little more for the outdoors, hiking and biking/four-wheeling are also extremely popular, with various shops all over town renting vehicles to visitors for a fun weekend. 

    For those looking for a little exercise and adrenaline, this city truly offers one of the most diverse options for having a great weekend with a group of friends or just a weekend visit, can’t be missed if you got two or three days to spent outside your normal routine. 

    Transportation: Metro Observatorio (Pink Line-Mexico City) 
    Buses: Zinabus (Website) 
    Cost: $125 to $145 (Pesos) 

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    Wiki: Valle De Bravo (English)  
    Wiki: Valle De Bravo (Spanish) 
    Trip Guide:

  • Museo de Arte Moderno - Museum of Modern Art (Mexico City, Mexico) 

    Also known as “MAM” The museum is located in one of the most recognized landmarks of Mexico City, El Bosque de Chapultepec. First opened in 1964 by orders of President Adolfo Lopez Mateos, the 48th president of Mexico. During his term he also help found the Museum of Anthropology and Museum of Natural History for Mexico. 

    The museum is home to a vast collection of work from prominent Mexican Artist but also provides a rotation of exhibits of international contemporary artist from across the world. The site itself created through collaboration of various individuals, from the architectural design to the outdoor area known as “Jardín Escultórico” and the numerous works housed throughout the museum. The museum is one of many found within the city with a homage to contemporary art and its evolution throughout the century of Latin America. 

    Entrance Fee: $25 Pesos (Free Sunday) 
    Hours: Tuesday to Sunday from: 10:15am until 5:30pm 
    Closed Monday
    Public Transportation: Metro Chapultepec

    Home Page: MAM (Spanish) 
    Wiki: Museo de Arte Moderno (Spanish) 
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  • Puebla Magico: Real Del Monte - Pachuca, Hidalgo 

    Another small weekend away from the city brings me to the magical town of Real del Monte located in the mountains of Pachuca. After a few hours of walking through the city center we grab a small shuttle that makes its way through the mountains to this secluded mining town. 

    The small town of Real del Monte thrived during the Industrial Revolution due to its large deposits of silver and gold that helped establish it as one of the must see area of Hidalgo in its prime.The town also has the history as the first place to have been introduced to Soccer/Futbol by the Cornish and which would eventually become one of the largest and most celebrated sport in the nation. A truly magical town with a rich history that continues to bring thousands of visitors each month to explore its wonderfully preserved architecture, history and amazing food as well as its history in Mexican cinema (the town has played host to various novelas-Mexican Soap Opera) 

    Food to try: Pastes (Spanish) 

    Real Del Monte: Wiki (English) 

    Town Website: Real del Monte (Spanish) 

  • San Miguel De Allende - Guanajuato, Mexico

    Parish Church of San Miguel  (Saint Michael) 

    Architect: Zeferino Gutierrez

    On my last trip to San Miguel de Allende, a short lived day that did not afford me the opportunity to see this beautiful sight at night but I am certain it would have been amazing, maybe next time! 

    (Source: wandering-mexico)

  • Hola! He sido aprendiendo español por muchos años y quiero viajar al México, D.F. para tener vacaciones después de graduarme de universidad (y para practicar mi español). Hice couchsurfing una vez en el Bay Area de California y quiero hacerlo otra vez. Estoy de el Sur de California. ¿Qué me recomiendas? ¿Qué te gusta hacer en México, D.F.?

    Hola Jade! Que bueno que tienes planes para venir a Mexico :) Creo que te va encantar la ciudad! Hay tanto que hacer y ver y realmente hasta a mi me falta ver mucho de lo que ofrece DF. 

    Mientras te recomiendo esto lugares: 
    1. Coyoacan: Excelente lugar para pasar un domingo, lleno de musica, comida y un ambiente muy diferente al resto de la ciudad. 
    2.Reforma/Chapultepec/UNAM: Cualquier visita a DF no es completo sin ver el Angel, el parque y todo los museos del centro y un paseo por la UNAM. 
    3. Roma/Condesa: A mi me encanta el cafe y no hay ningun lugar con mas variedad que esto lugares y tambien muy lindo lugar para ver y andar con amigos (restaurantes, bares..etc) 
    4. Polanco: Me gusta ir aqui tambien por todo los museos modernos y comida extrangera, :) pero un poco mas caro…pero igual muy lindo para explorar. 

    Y si eres de Couchsurfing, unete a nuestro grupo de DF para conocer nuevo amigos para tu visita y unos links mas para conocer mas sobre la ciudad y eventos por esas fechas. 

    Mexico City CS:

    Donde ir:


    Hey I just wanted to say thank you for your amazing blog and the way you share the beauty and culture of Mexico, which is something that I miss daily. I was born and raced in Mexico city, but I currently live in the US. Seeing all those incredible pictures just brought back so many good memories, I do really appreciate it. Hope you continue to explore Mexico and have a great time while do in it :)

    Thank you so much for the message, it means a lot to hear your compliment :) and I am just happy to have somewhere to share my pictures. I am the other way around actually, born in Oaxaca and spent thirteen years up in the U.S. and now back here to explore and discover as much as I can, so certainly more pictures to come! 

  • Guanajuato, Guanajuato - Mexico 

    Another amazing city in the heart of Mexico whose beautify need only be seen to understand why it was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city of Guanajuato is truly one of a kind in Mexico both in history and the many events that it continues to hold throughout the year. The city even had the title of the Capital of Mexico during revolutionary times and is the birthplace of one of the most respected Latin American artist, Diego Rivera. The city also continues to play host to the “Cervantino” a festival held every fall that truly brings the city to life with a combination of music, dance and theater performances. (October 8th to 26th for 2014)

    The city is truly a sight to behold, overlooking the area from the statue of Pipila offers a view unlike any other as you watch the vast array of colors that cover every home and building within the city. The view as well provides a glimpse at the colonial design from its narrow and paved streets to its amazing architecture that has remained so well preserved and continue to highlight it as a one of a kind in Mexico. 

    One of the most recommend city in Mexico, come for a visit! The city offers a wide array of events to entertain someone with a passion for the arts, architecture or even for the traveling couple for a truly romantic experience. The City of Guanajuato (English)

    Wikipedia: Guanajuato (English) 

    Festival Internacional Cervantino: Website (Spanish)

  • Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca 

    Having traveled back to my village in Oaxaca to see my family and celebrate my birthday, I decided to treat myself to a little visit to the beach. My detour lead me to the beautiful little port town of Puerto Escondido. The area provided a much needed change from the normal scene of Mexico City and its bustling streets and the chaotic music of rushing cars and constant movement. My days instead filled with the sound of the roaring ocean and chirping seagulls, smell of salt filled air and the soothing rays of the sun on my back. The area is also a great location to transition out to the other nearby beaches and each one more beautiful than the last. Full of friendly locals, warm sandy beach and full of food and adventures for someone looking to enjoy a few days away from their busy schedule. 

    Wiki: Puerto Escondio  (English) - History, Things to do and Transportation etc): Puerto Escondido 

  • Vegan Food in Coyoacan

    Restaurant: VegeTaco 
    Address: Calle Carrillo Puerto 65, Coyoacan
    Transportation: Metro Coyoacan + Microbus (centro Coyo)

    Located a few minutes from the center of Coyoacan, this small little restaurant is a great place to enjoy some healthy and delicious food. Numerous options with low prices and an easy compromise for a vegetarian and someone looking to transition to a more green diet, the place is usually full on the weekend so come prepared to wait, however the food is definitely worth the wait and you’ll find yourself coming back again. 

  • Coy Fish in the gardens of UNAM

    Locations: Mexico City - Jardin Botanico
    Date: August 16, 2014  

  • Jardín Botánico de la UNAM: 

    Another amazing area located on the campus of UNAM, managed by the Institute of Biology and founded in 1959. The site was created in an effort to allow the study of plant biology and preservation of the numerous plant species found in Mexico, it has since grown to include a green house for tropical plants and an outdoor area for other species of plant found throughout the country. 

    The area helps promote biology through the numerous areas found in the garden, some focusing on history of certain species and other for the medical purposes that they were once used for (and still used for in certain area of Mexico) 

    A great area to visit and frequented by families, students and athletes, with activities ranging from a quiet day on the grass or visiting the local store for books or adopting a certain species of plants and if nothing else, a quiet run through the park. 

    Transportation: Metrobus C.U. 
    Cost: Free Admission Article (English) 

    Wiki: Jardín Botánico del Instituto de Biología (Spanish) 

    Facebook: Full Album 

    Home Website: Jardin Botanico

  • Meet and Greet!

    • Just wanted to take a few minutes to say how happy I am for all the new followers! Thank you for all the likes and re-blogs it means a lot and I look forward to uploading some new stuff this week! Been busy with some obligations but hopefully this month calms down a bit.
    • As well I welcome any recommendations for places to visit or people to meet in the city of Mexico (Or nearby places). I'm always open to traveling and seeing new things. Have a good weekend everyone!
    • (Spanish) Gracias a todos por seguirme en Tumblr! Por todos los Like's y por compartir mis fotos, gracias por su apoyo y espero subir mas fotos este mes para poder compartir con todos! Que pases un bien fin!
    • Y si tienen recomendaciones o lugares para visitar! manden un mensaje!
  • Puebla de Zaragoza, Mexico 

    Another beautiful day in the city of Puebla, taking in the center of the town for some local food and some performances…ranging from flying clowns to a small musical performance by a local with his guitar. 

    Markets line the city center with the many works of the local artisans and a vast array of relics of early colonial periods. With treasures of all kinds found at each venue, ranging from swords to utensils and many more items that have been forgotten by time. A truly wonderful stroll to view the many colors that abound from the works and architecture of the city. 

    With only a few hours away from Mexico City, the area is definitely worth a short visit to take in the sights and get lost in the many wonders of food, history and adventure that can be found in the area. 

    Mexico City to Puebla Time via bus: 1.5 hours

    Cost: ~144 pesos 

    Food to try: Chile en Nogada

  • Tepotzotlan, Estado de Mexico

    Transportation & Time: This nearby area can be reached for short day trip by taking a bus at Cuatro Caminos (Blue Line-Line 2) and paying sixteen pesos for a short forty-five minute bus ride. 

    The city itself has numerous attractions that bring nearby locals and visitors to its small center for a peaceful time away from the busy city life. If you should find yourself with a day to spare, then its definitely recommended to visit this friendly little town for some delicious food. With various stands lining the streets and restaurants offering free samples and promotional prices to attract customers. 

    Museo del Virreinato & Church of San Francisco: This museum is home to a breathtaking church, courtyard and one of the largest collection of religious items as well as more common items from our early colonial period. A must see for a short trip to the area with plenty to view and learn as you wander the three floors of the museum or wonderfully maintained courtyard within the church walls. 

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    Pueblo Magico: Town Home page (Spanish)

    Wiki Page: Tepotzotlan  (English) 

  • Location: Bicentennial Park (Parque Bicentenario) 

    Transportation: Metro Refineria

    Created in an effort to show the commitment of the Mexican government to cleaner and healthier city, with its opening the recent years. Built on the old grounds of the refineries of Pemex, the area has undergone much needed cleaning to bring about one of the most welcoming parks in the city. 

    The park is home to not only recreational areas but also many economic friendly buildings to nurture the growth of various vegetation but also provide an educational foundation for a better understanding of our ecosystem. A wonderful area for visiting if you should find yourself in the nothern part of city, located right outside Metro Refineria (orange line) and plenty of space for sports or just a simple weekend with the family. 

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    Wiki: Parque Bicentenario